JCPenney Buttons!

ButtonsFor a limited time JCPenney is giving away buttons with codes on them. No purchase is necessary so you can just go to the register and ask for a couple. You can enter two a day and you can win everything from JCPenney gift cards to a vacation. Not to mention the buttons themselves are pretty cute. Definitely worth stopping by. And if you do want to make a purchase ask a rep if they have any coupons available. I know over the weekend employees were walking around giving out 20% off passes. Good luck!

Edit: The more this post is viewed the more questions I am receiving so I have decided to go more in depth with it.


Q: Where do I enter the codes?
A: You can enter the codes here or you can type “” into your web browser. (Removing the quotations, of course!)

Q: How many buttons are there?
A: There are 50 different buttons, although I was unable to find any places that had pictures of all 50. Some people are collecting them.

Q: In the store there is a picture of a button with a penguin on it, where can I get it?
A: You can’t. The penguin button was included in the advertising campaigns but doesn’t actually exist. Sorry.

Q: What exactly can I win?
A: JCPenney has a description of the prizes here.


7 comments on “JCPenney Buttons!

    • That is really strange. All of mine have 7. Although, there are supposedly 1 in 4 odds, and I still haven’t won a thing. I’d go back to JCP and ask for another one though. Maybe they will give you a few if it’s really a misprint and you had to drive all the way back.

    • I read on the JCPenney website the if yours has only 6 letters on it, more than likely it would be what looks like an “m” on yours, but is really “r n”. Try that and hopefully it works for you!

    • it is likely that it has 7 but that two of them look like one. i have had several with ‘r’ and ‘n’ together so it looks like “m”. rn=m. some people use a magnifying glass to see the tiny letters

  1. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WHERE DO YOU ENTER THE BUTTON CODES? WHAT DOES A DOG VIDEO HAVE TO DO WITH THE BUTTONS PROMOTION? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. You can get the penguin button, but it is not easy. It is a larger button that each jcpenny hid (only one per store). There is no code on this one. The jcpenny Facebook page gave details and hints to find the hidden button.

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